Vmaker – Video Status Downloader

Video Status Downloader is the best app to make lyrical video songs.

Video status Downloader is a Video Status Maker and Particle Photo Status maker. You can create Lyrical Photo Status, Birthday Video Status, Anniversary Video Status, Magical Video Status, MV Video Status and many other awesome videos.
Video Status Downloader is a short video editor and one of the best apps for Video status downloader photo video maker with music.
Video status has a large video song library, you can select your favourite video and create one romantic song in under 60 seconds. It’s a field that is booming right now, people love to make lyrical videos and share that video on social media…

Key Features:

Video Status Downloader – My Video Status Maker has a great collection of video songs select your favourite video song and add them to your pictures and make a video of your own pictures and share your feelings with your love using your photo video. Create a 25 seconds video.

What’s Inside?


  1. Browse and download your favourite video template.
  2. Select your favourite photos and videos.
  3. Click the Next button to watch your video.
  4. If you want to change Music, Images and edit video.
  5. Click on the EXPORT button to save a video in your gallery.
  6. Share video social media apps using quick share buttons.


Thank you…

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