Features and Functionalities of Tonk Game

What is Tonk?

Tonk is a multiplayer card game that is played with 2-3 players. Here the concept is simple. Players are dealt with 5 cards before the beginning of the match and the rest of the cards are separated with open deck and close deck manner. There are 3 modes of gameplay is available. First is the Knock mode, the second is no-knock mode and the last is a Tournament.

Features & Functionalities:

Spin Wheel

This is a free offer to increase the coins. Here, you come, tap on the spin button. The wheel will spin for a while and then stop at one given option. You can redeem that offer immediately and enjoy the rest of the game. This wheel consists of many gift coins/chips. A player can access the spin wheel anytime he wants.

Slot Matching

This feature comes under mini-games. It is accessible anytime the user wants. Here there are chances of earning huge chips/coins in a small time. There are 9 slots available and you have to find 3 slots of the same suit. If you find out 3 slots of the same. You will be rewarded immediately.

Create your own Table

This is the best feature of the game. Here you can create your own table and invite other players, some of your friends & family, and can play the game. Having your own has its benefits as it gives you confidence that you have created this table, you can earn chips. However, even if the table is yours if you aren’t able to play the game you will lose. Make sure you have proper gaming skills.

Play with Players across the World

This is a great feature to have. You can play this game with players across the world. There is a good thing about playing with players across the world is, you get to know each other and there is a chance of seeing a development in the communication. Interactions and strong communication with different players around the world help you develop your game better.

In Short!

So far we have discussed some of the top features & functionalities of the Tonk game. Tonk is a fast-paced multiplayer card game that is played with 2-3 players. Play this timeless classic card game anytime anywhere! With your friends or against real peoples from anywhere in the world. Let’s play Artoon Games!!