Hago game

What is a Hago game? What are the top games included in a Hago game app?

What is a Hago?

Gaming apps have been on the rise in recent years, with players from all around the world looking for the best apps to download. The HAGO app has been around for a while now, and it started gaining popularity in the past few months. 

It is a gaming app that includes various mini-games. The name ‘HAGO’ stands for ‘Have A Good One ’. As the name suggests, if you are not having some fun time by sticking with the same old apps, Hago is the one to go for. So, what are the games that are included in the Hago game app? Let’s see in detail. 

Top 6 games in the Hago game app:

  • Dunk Hit
  • Bounce Ball
  • Car Race
  • Injection Hit
  • Color Lines
  • Dunk Shot

Dunk Hit

Dunk Hit is a variation of the Basketball games. It has very easy and simple gameplay. Here you just have to dunk as many basketballs as possible. But the hoop changes sides with every basket you make, and if you don’t make a basket after a few seconds the game ends. Of course, the more points you have, the more time you’ll have between baskets. When your time’s up, the game’s over. And keep in mind, the more baskets in a row you get, the more points you earn. Dunk Hit is a fun, basketball mini-game that is perfect for quick rounds. 

Bounce Ball

Bounce ball is a mini-game that comes with some tricky gameplay. The player has to avoid obstacles, collect power, and get to the end of the map. The idea here is to roll and hop the way through each level. Actually, the player needs to roll, jump, and even swim in the way across all kinds of hazards while literally jumping through the hoops! There will be game help files in the process that will help to play the game. Bounce Ball is a perfect mini-game that ensures fun and thrill. 

Car Race

The gaming world is buzzing with car race games. There are many car race games that are highly advanced and include premium facilities but a car race game in a mini-game version that promises quick gameplay is great to have. Here, the player all needs to do is choose a race track and play. It is fun, relaxes your mind, and saves time as well. The car race game in Hago is very popular. 

Injection Hit

This is a puzzle game and here the user has to throw the injection into the virus to save the world. The objectives are very clear, the levels are very simple. The only thing player needs to take care of is to not hit the injection else the player will lose the challenge. There will be a limited number of injections to complete levels. So, the player needs to play carefully as well. It is an ultimate puzzle game that attracts many users to play in their leisure time. 

Color Lines

There are 81 (9 by 9) cells on the game board. The game starts with several randomly selected color balls positioned on the board. The Player’s objective is to earn the highest score (no limit). Points are earned every time when a player removes balls from the board. The more balls are removed, the more points are earned. To remove balls, the player has to set at least five same color balls to lines (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal). To move a ball, select it first by clicking on it, and then click on a destination cell. A player can only move a ball if free cells exist between the ball’s current location and the destination cell selected. With every player’s move, three new balls will be added to the board, except when a player successfully removes a line. 

Dunk Shot

Dunk Shot is a burning hot arcade game that anybody can enjoy.  Here you must score baskets with the free-falling basketball. You will earn points for every basket you make successfully. The baskets will be higher in the sky each time, score basket to basket to earn points. If you miss your shot the ball will fall out of the sky and you will have to start all over again. Try to aim for the perfect shot and swish the basketballs without touching the rim for an added bonus. It is also another example of a mini-game that provides fun, thrill, excitement at the same time. 

Wrapping Up!

The mobile gaming market is on the rise. People like playing games in their leisure time. Especially when the game is in mini-game version it becomes more interesting as it doesn’t take time, and ensures a fun, thrill, new technologies as well. So, the aforementioned games are the top 6 mini-games included in a Hago game app.